Online MBRP

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) is a treatment for addictive behaviors that integrates mindfulness meditation with standard relapse prevention practices. This program was specifically created for clients in recovery from substance use disorders with the aim to prevent relapse for those who have already undergone inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. Participants can expect to spend the majority of session time engaging in meditation practice and learning various skills to help them manage difficult emotions and situations. The program consists of eight modules, each designed to help build a foundation of mindfulness and give participants the skills necessary to better manage their addictive patterns.

The program covers various themes, including:

  • Automatic thoughts and relapse
  • Trigger awareness and craving
  • Mindfulness in daily life
  • Mindfulness in high-risk situations
  • Acceptance and competent action
  • Seeing thoughts as thoughts
  • Self-care and a balanced lifestyle
  • Social support and practice maintenance

How does it work?

Space: all meetings are held online 

Time: weekly meetings, each session last 1 hour and 30 minutes

Home practice: clients are encouraged to engage in daily mindfulness practice in 8 weeks of training 

Who can benefit?

Individuals struggling with addictive behaviors, e.g. substance use, gambling, porn addiction, gaming

What are the benefits?

  • understanding the addictive mechanisms
  • developing self-awareness of individual triggers and habitual reactions
  • building skills to better cope with emotional distress and cravings
  • change the relationship to discomfort
  • developing a lifestyle that supports both mindfulness practice and recovery

Where to find me?

I periodically facilitate MBRP groups for research and clinical practice. Please see my credentials on the official MBRP website in the therapist directory:


I provide psychological consultations for adults facing various psychological challenges. The ultimate goal of my work is to help clients know their psyches better and bring back the gentle authorship of their lives. I create a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can explore and express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

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Online MBRP

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention is an eight-week evidence-based program designed to help individuals struggling with addictions. The objective of the MBRP program is to foster increased awareness of triggers, destructive habitual patterns, and “automatic” reactions in order to better cope with addictive behaviours and prevent relapse.

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Speaking Engagements

I provide tailored and engaging workshops, seminars, and talks that center around the subject of psychology. I am always excited to discuss topics related to clinical practice, the Jungian approach, cultural differences, the subject of masculinity and femininity, and broadly understood mental health.

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Individual Sessions

The primary goal of individual sessions is to help clients gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that govern their psyche and to bring awareness to those parts that reside in the shadow and are not well-integrated. This process ultimately facilitates the restoration of a sense of authorship of one's story through the gradual development of gentle leadership of one's psyche.

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