Online Individual Sessions

During the individual sessions, we focus on gaining insight into the client's current psychological situation. We explore the client's personal history and how it has contributed to the present situation. At the same time, we try to discover the individual mechanisms that "govern the psyche" and formulate a comprehensive plan that will help the client take over the "authorship of his life".

This process encompasses the in-depth analysis of the psyche, and it includes:

  • understanding the structure of the psyche and its dominant orientation (extraversion-introversion)
  • understanding the superior and inferior functions of the psyche (thinking-feeling; intuition-sensation)
  • analysis of the archetypal profile (ARCHETYPE - a collective pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving, activated in specific situations)
  • collecting the symbols and motifs from the client’s dreams

How does it work?

Space: all meetings are held on-line

Time: weekly meetings, each session lasts 50 minutes

Home practice: clients are encouraged to read suggested materials, and gather “data” about their psychic life through careful observations 

Who can benefit?

The individual sessions are dedicated to everybody who wants to live a more authentic, balanced, and fulfilling life. Clients struggling with a sense of disorientation, impasse, emptiness, anxiety, depression, addictions, and general mood swings are highly encouraged to reach out.

What are the benefits?

  • gaining insights into the structure and functions of your psyche
  • recognizing the mechanism and patterns that govern your psyche 
  • learning flexible ways of dealing with difficult and stressful situations
  • having access to a safe space where you can freely share your experiences, emotions, and thoughts


I provide psychological consultations for adults facing various psychological challenges. The ultimate goal of my work is to help clients know their psyches better and bring back the gentle authorship of their lives. I create a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can explore and express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

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Online MBRP

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention is an eight-week evidence-based program designed to help individuals struggling with addictions. The objective of the MBRP program is to foster increased awareness of triggers, destructive habitual patterns, and “automatic” reactions in order to better cope with addictive behaviours and prevent relapse.

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Speaking Engagements

I provide tailored and engaging workshops, seminars, and talks that center around the subject of psychology. I am always excited to discuss topics related to clinical practice, the Jungian approach, cultural differences, the subject of masculinity and femininity, and broadly understood mental health.

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Individual Sessions

The primary goal of individual sessions is to help clients gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that govern their psyche and to bring awareness to those parts that reside in the shadow and are not well-integrated. This process ultimately facilitates the restoration of a sense of authorship of one's story through the gradual development of gentle leadership of one's psyche.

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